Often blurred by its many other functions, it can be easy to forget that art has an incredible power to show us what it means to be human, and everyone has the right to know what that means. Here, knowing what it means to be to be human, for yourself and for others, is what it means to heal.

Art Healers is a community for anyone who recognises, or wants to learn how to recognise, the value of using art to human better. It is a community for those who feel the viewer should be more involved in deciding what art is, and what art is not, about. We are a community for people who see art as a friend.

In the face of a seemingly purposeless, and frequently troublesome, existence we can turn to art because it observes, immortalises, and celebrates life in its most beautiful and most tragic states.

What Art Healers want to find lies in the wisdom you bring to art: the combination of knowledge, skills, and understanding – the experience of the world – that is unique to you.

Our community is a space where art can be appreciated, and accessed, by everyone:

  • When we say appreciated, we mean: if you don’t find value, this is our responsibility
  • When we say accessed, we mean: if you don’t get it, we adapt how art is presented
  • When we say everyone, we mean: if you feel it’s not for you, we’re not doing our job

Contribute to the community by submitting art and your comments via the Art Healers website, our Instagram, or Facebook group.